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RemodeLoanDirect will inform you within a few days of: the interest rate you qualify for, monthly payment, documents you need to provide and more. Your improved property must be located in IL, IN, or WI. (Others will be added). In-home loan closing once all documents are received. Application not processed until you click "Submit."

Items You'll Need

  • Work estimate (if available) from the contractor you selected. This estimate will include the total cost of your project, your down payment (if any), and a description of the work to be done.
  • Employer information (including address, phone number, earnings, etc.)
  • Other sources of income (if any) which are verifiable and received regularly/monthly.
  • Current mortgage statement.

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Your loan rate is based on your average credit score and loan amount. Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) usually vary from 7.99% to 9.9%. Apply online for FREE to receive the APR you will qualify for without obligation to accept the terms. Fixed (non variable) rates/APRs and fixed monthly payments for the entire loan term (3-15 years). No equity required. Third party loan fees vary depending on property location.

Third party loan fees (only if the loan funds):
Title Search: $25 - $120
Flood Search: $10
Recording fee: $25 - $150
Inspection fee: $27 - $100
Appraisals: $0
Closing fee: $125-$200
Rates and APRs effective 1/10/14 and are subject to change without notice.


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